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Summary Fit-like program for OS X
Category testing
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) stesla


OCFit aims to provide a complete Fit implementation for Mac OS X. It will allow programmers to create customer-facing tests for their programs using idiomatic Objective C code.

The offical Fit distribution (http://fit.c2.com) contains an Objective C implementation. However, this implementation is far from idiomatic. It is a direct port of the Java implementation, and in Objective C that does not end up looking or working very nicely. The author of OCFit wanted a tool to use, but couldn't bring himself to work with that implementation.

The official Fit distribution also still relies on rather old HTML conventions such as using FONT tags to control color, text size, and text attributes. OCFit will use industry-standard CSS to control these aspects, and aims to allow for user-specified stylesheets.

OCFit also plans to integrate with XCode to make running your acceptance tests part of building your project. It will also provide a dynamic run script that will work from the web.